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Terms of Use

Headway Rebate Service is the official partner and agent of the Headway Inc.

Headway Inc. - is an international brokerage house which was founded in 2009th in Belize and authorized and regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

The Customer – user, who register for rebate service at

Headway Rebate Service pays the Customer a part of spread received from Headway Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Rebate”, according to conditions and in the amount specified on this website

To receive the Rebate, the Customer must transfer his trading account to the FBS Rebate Service IB group №1027524 and send a request to activate the Rebate at this website. If the Customer has several accounts, he should request the Rebate for each one.

FBS Rebate Service undertakes not to increase the amount of spread and not to charge additional commissions on opening an account by the Customer and further trading with FBS Markets Inc.

FBS Rebate service is not responsible for the mistakes made by Customer while requesting the activation of Rebate service.

New trading conditions are valid only after confirmation of Support team via email. Confirmation may take from 1 till 7 days.
FBS Rebate Service shall be entitled not to pay Rebate to the Customer in case of the Broker’s refusal to pay compensation. Such refusal can arise from breach of this Broker’s trading conditions by the Customer or for other reasons.

The Rebate is paid to the Customer’s trading Account in FBS Markets Inc. The payouts are done weekly on Mondays.

The Rebate is paid if the difference between opening and closing price on the complete transaction exceed 5 points regardless of it being profitable or not (the value is valid for 4-digit quotes. For 5-digit quotes a difference between opening and closing price should exceed 59 points).

For Cent accounts rebate is paid in case the order is minimum 0.1 Cent lot.

FBS Rebate Service undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Customer, to any third parties.

FBS Rebate Service shall not be responsible for inaccuracy of information on this website and on third parties site’s referenced on this site, but shall exert all efforts to keep information credible and updated.

FBS Rebate Service shall not be liable for losses on the Customer’s account arisen from usage of analytical and other information available on this website.

All information on this website belongs to FBS Rebate Service and cannot be used or copied without the company’s approval.

The Customer has read the Risk Warning available on this website.

The Customer agrees to receive the newsletters to the email, which he used for the activation service request.

Mobile app subscription

Paid subscription for trading signals and analytics from the largest Banks in mobile App.

For mobile App users, FBS Rebate Service IB group suggests the trading signals and analytics from the largest Banks, such as Morgan Stanley, Citi, Barclays etc. We receive this information from EFXplus agency in real time mode. 

The first week of membership is for free. If the subscription is not cancelled by user, the monthly fee of 9.99 USD will be credited from user account. The user can unsubscribe in mobile phone settings.