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The highest cashback ever


No spread markup


Cashback even on losing trades


Automated daily payments


Dedicated support

No limits

Cashback on every trade

Cashback payment details

Rebate Rate: done90 %
Payment Method: done Automated on Headway wallet
Accrual Period: done Daily
Account transfer: check Available

Available cashback

Forex: check
Metals: check
Oil: check
Crypto: check
Indices: check

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Advantages of Headway Rebate Program

payments90% Rebate (cashback) which is the highest rate ever
credit_scoreCashback is paid on winning and losing trades both
workspace_premiumWe are VIP Royal IB Group with the highest level of IB commission
account_circleJoin for Headway rebate with existing account
account_balance_walletDaily cashback directly on your Headway wallet
globe_asiaWe pay rebate for clients from all over the world
contact_phoneDedicated support 24/7. Contact us for assistance when needed

How Headway Rebate (cashback) Works

How rebate works
  • check We attract clients to trade in Headway Broker
  • checkTraders pay spread or commission to Headway while trading. Headway in turn shares a part of it with us, cause we attract clients
  • checkWe give 90% of our income back to traders and it is called rebate or cashback. Payments are daily and are made directly to your Headway wallet

Rebate Calculator

Learn how much extra income you can earn.

Our team

Fedor Vorobev

Fedor Vorobev

CEO of Headway Rebate Service

Sergey Zelenkin

Sergey Zelenkin

CTO of Headway Rebate Service

Andrei Levchenko

Andrei Levchenko

Support Team Manager

3 Easy steps to get rebate

Trade as usual
Receive rebate
Register for rebate


What is forex cashback (rebate)?

Forex rebate and Forex cashback are actually synonyms. When you make a trade, you pay spread or commission to Broker for it. If you are assigned to our IB Partner group, then we will receive a part of this spread or commission. Broker will share it with us for attracting clients. We will give you back 90% of this revenue and it is called rebate or cashback.

If i have an existing account in Headway, can i join the cashback program?

Yes, it is possible and easy to do! Just make a registration on our website and add your existing account in Headway following the procedure. It will be attached to our IB group and we will make rebate settings for you!

Is it free to participate in Headway rebate/cashback program?

Yes, it is free to join. And after you join, we will pay you daily for your trades!

Can i have cashback if i am IB (partner) of Headway?

Yes, you can for sure. Cashback will be paid for your personal trades. You keep receiving your IB commission from your attracted clients as usual.

How the rebate will be paid?

Rebate will be paid on your Headway wallet directly. After that you can transfer this funds on your trading account or withdraw it.

What is the schedule for rebate payment?

Headway rebate (cashback) is paid daily.

Do you guarantee that there will be no mark up and my spreads and commissions will remain the same?

Yes, we guarantee that there will be no mark up. It is our public commitment.

How much will i earn for trading 1 lot?

Your extra income depends on the size of your trading operation and the trading instrument. You can learn how much rebate you will receive using the Rebate calculator on our website.

Why should i prefer Headway Rebate Service as cashback provider?

The FBS Rebate Service is the official partner and certified Rebate Service of FBS Inc. You get the best rebate rates and you know who you are dealing with.