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Risk Warning

Before you decide to take part in various operations in the global Forex market, you need carefully analyze your own investment objectives, the available knowledge in the field of trade, as well as your ability and preparedness for the loss. But most importantly, do not invest your money in this business, if the loss can cause adverse effects on your life.

Any transaction on the Forex market is considered as risky. Any operation carried out subject to certain risks, such as economic or social changes can have a direct impact on the liquidity of certain currencies, and so on.

Forex trading is carried out by using a variety of tools. Therefore, any impact of movements in the Forex leads to certain changes. There is a risk of losing their funds, which invested as initial margin. In addition, you have the ability to make financial means to maintain the status quo. When you can’t meet the margin call on time, then your transaction will be closed and you will suffer some losses. Many investors reduce the risk of losses by applying a variety of trading strategies.

Different views, as well as news, pricing, analytics, or other information data available on the site is presented as opinion and not considered monetary investment instructions. FBS Rebate Service assumes no liability for any loss or financial loss, but not limited to loss of revenue, which is possible with the use of the information provided in the exercise of commercial activity on the Forex. FBS Rebate Service has taken steps to ensure the reliability of the data resource. The information in this site at any time may change.